Link's Place in Vegas

Vegas the final Frontier!

These are the pictures of Links Place Reunion..

We sought out new friendship and boldly went where no member has gone before!

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Good Friends


Uncle Bob and Juju and the Klingon's

We were abducted by the Klingons and saved by the Enterprise.

Had drinks with the Quark and his cousin at Deep Space Nine

Link and Mr. Link with Quark and his cousin

Pat and Don winning and winning!

Pat and Don had alot of Good Luck gambling.

We survived volcanoes at the Mirage

and Pirate Battles at Treasure Island
We went to New York and had drinks in Paris

of course took lots of pictures that didn't come out. :(

Vegas just isn't Vegas without seeing Elvis sing.

The glamour and the beauty of it all!!

Everything in Vegas is Large!!
Most Wonderful thing of our trip is we got a chance to really Hugggerssss..

We hope we will see you all at Vegas 2000 and Link's Place Camping Powwow in 2001.

Thanks for all your support.

Your Friend





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