Link's Place Chat Room Rules

& Guidelines

 Concerning Profiles, Names and Pictures:

  • May not be so constructed as to purposely provoke a negative response or insight an argument from an other user.
  • May not contain profanity, (ie: swears, pieces of swears, abbreviated or
    intended sound a likes).
  • May not contain sexually explicit language or comments or preferences.
  • May not be an impersonation of other members.
  • Pictures must not contain any sexual, pornographic or indecent photographs, clip art or any type of unbecoming images 

Concerning Conduct:

  • Members must conduct themselves in such a manner as to show respect for
    themselves, other members, newbies, Moderators and the room, at all times present in the room.
  • Language in the room must be maintained at a 'G rating at all times. 
  • No profanity of any kind.
  • No flirting or sexual chat at any time.
  • No fights or rudeness or abuse of any kind will be conducted in the room or you will be asked to leave.
  • Keep in mind some words may be ok for some countries but in others it is considered a profanity or rude gesture so please be aware of that.
  • There will be no spamming or hacking or any type of conduct concerning a users email, address or IP address. 
  • Under no circumstance should a moderator be asked to boot someone unless they are violating a community rule. For example, booting someone in just or for fun is not acceptable. The member should explain the situation to the moderator so he/she can make an informed decision about booting or blocking someone. Copying and pasting IM messages would certainly show the moderator if inappropriate language was used, etc. 
  • At no time will there be discrimination against race, color, religion, age. We are all human.  Sexual preferences will not be displayed in the room.

Lurking and Soliciting:

  • There will be under no circumstance soliciting of other communities in the room, by instant message or by URL. This is a reason to be blocked so please don't do it!
  • Lurkers are allowed under the circumstance that they are an active member and that they check into the room occasionally to say hi and why they are lurking. 
  • Lurkers of new members will be allowed a 30 minute time span.  If they have joined the room  and not chatted after being approached for help by room greeters, moderators, members and by Instant Messages and still not responded, then they will be booted.  We understand that some new users do not know how to get to the group chat so we as a family will do our best to help them find there way on powwow.
  • Lurking and advertising will not be tolerated. If you join the room just to advertise a url/website then your will be removed.
  • If you are an active member please do not come in and advertise a url/website address unless you ask the members if they want it and if they say yes then you use the send url/website feature. Or files.
  • Soliciting or advertising that is not beneficial for the room is not allowed.
  • Try and ask a member before sending a member a url/website or a file.
  • If you do not know the member do not add a member as a buddy unless you request it first.
  • If you do not know a member please, do not send them a file unless you ask then first.

Additional Rules

There will be no swearing, profanity, flirting, Fighting, unkindness, rude talk, spamming, soliciting other rooms, threats, or any type of indecent behavior. Please try not to flood with repetitious numbers or letters that do not make sense,  as it makes it hard for other users to chat and also disconnects some users.  If you are going to make a macro picture ask the current users if its ok to show it.  

Under no circumstance will you harass, belittle or be unkind to the moderator's on duty with the intent to cause harm.  The moderators are there to help and under no circumstance will you cause any indirect act to cause harm/rudeness/bad language/ to the moderator, it is an immediate cause for banning. If a moderator has treated you unfairly you can email to CLick Here with your incident. 

We are not responsible for what is said or done with the personal communicator or Instant Messages or files sent.  The moderators are there to help you so feel free to ask any questions or anything and they will help you..  If there is ever any trouble please email CLick Here with the complaint and connection info of that person.  You understand that if a moderator is not in the room that you will conduct yourself as a kind and considerate person with clean chat at all times. You agree if there is no moderator and you do have troubles you will copy the connection info of that person and will send it email to CLick Here with explanation of what happened. 

If you are blocked or banned for any reason and feel you have been done so unjustly send an email to CLick Here

Excepting files and information from other users is at your own risk.  We suggest that you do not give out real names, phone numbers, address, or anything that might be personal to you regardless how well you know the person. Joining our membership is at your own risk and we will do our best to help you have a safe place to join in and chat and meet new friends.  

Please sign up for our Mailing list since we do send our invitations and fun information going on at Links Place. Click Here to Join Members

You agree to abide by all the rules and understand that this room if for you and if you help out and make it nice,  it will be nice.  Kindness goes a long way. As a member we trust you will take care of our room and abide by these rules. We cannot be responsible for what is done in the room but we will do our best to be there for you. Entering Links Place means you have read the room rules and understand why we have such a wonderful family and a safe place to chat and make new friends.

Thanks for all your support in making Links Place a wonderful room to chat and make new friends and really feel like a home. 

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